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The pieces are in place for a successful 2021 alimony reform campaign.

As many of you know, the 2020 alimony reform bill (HB 843) was sponsored in the House of Representatives by Rep. Alex Andrade. Rep Andrade is a fierce advocate who worked tirelessly for alimony reform. Rep. Andrade faced a difficult re-election campaign, but he won the election and will be back in Tallahassee for the upcoming session. We have received positive feedback from legislators for the 2021 session, and are dedicated to finally achieving reform to bring Florida' alimony laws in-line with the majority of the country. We plan to eliminate permanent alimony and make long-overdue changes to Florida's antiquated alimony laws. We will start with the excellent bill that passed three subcommittees in the House last session, and will seek even greater changes this time around. Stay tuned for updates and information about bill content, sponsorship, the process and how everyone can get engaged to finally achieve reform! Like our page, visit us on Facebook and consider donating to help secure a winning lobby team for the upcoming legislative session.

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