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Organizations Urge Governor DeSantis to Sign Family First Legislation: Alimony Reform SB SB 1796

Several families first, national organizations including Heritage Action, Man Up and Go!, Christian Family Coalition Florida, and the National Parents Organization have thrown their support behind Florida’s SB 1796 – Alimony Reform bill.

The organizations have sent letters to Governor Ron DeSantis urging him to sign SB 1796, a measure that would modernize Florida’s alimony law, by making the process more equitable and predictable for all parties while also reducing the cost of litigation. One of the key provisions in this bill also protects children by allowing legal divorce proceedings to begin with a presumption of 50/50 time sharing, which ultimately takes away divorce lawyers’ ability to use the children as bargaining chips. This helps mothers and fathers, who are going through an already very stressful situation, resolve financial matters without hurting the children. It is important to note that under this legislation, judges would still have to review almost 20 qualifiers related to parent sharing before a plan is agreed upon.

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