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Sign the petition to tell your legislators to pass HB 1559 and SB 1922 to modernize Florida’s alimony laws.


Lawmakers in 44 other states have already passed legislation modernizing alimony laws.

HB 1559 and SB 1922 would put an end to permanent alimony awards making the system based on fairness for all parties.  Both women and men work hard to provide for their families, with some women as the family’s main bread winner.


When a marriage ends, each person involved deserves respect and closure. As they set their lives off in different directions, the proposed legislation would help them transition toward independence and self-sufficiency.

Tell Your Elected Leaders to Pass HB 1559 and SB 1922 to

End Permanent Alimony

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Help us by writing and calling your local elected leaders and urging them to support and pass HB 1559 and SB 1922 that would modernize Florida’s alimony laws.