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HB 1559 and SB 1922 places the best interests of the minor child above the presumption for equal time-sharing. Judges look at 17 factors before deciding time-sharing schedules for divorcing parents. Some divorce lawyers thrive on family fighting and weaponizing the kids which depletes assets and money of hardworking families.


Alimony Reform by way of HB 1559 and SB 1922 will allow both parties in a divorce to transition toward independence and self-sufficiency. It also creates uniformity and consistency that will encourage settlements, which will help limit financial destruction by prolonged litigation over those issues. 

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The bills are gender-neutral – it is time to retire Florida’s antiquated alimony policies laws to reflect our modern reality where trends show an increasing number of alimony payors are women. End permanent alimony now and allow hardworking people to retire. Support HB 1559 and SB 1922


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Dr. Shultz is a 69-year-old alimony payor, a physician and a grandmother who cannot retire despite her medical issues because she has to pay her husband permanent alimony payments.  Why should he game the system and enjoy his retirement while she works long hours to support his recreational activities?  Please put an end to permanent alimony and support HB 1559 and SB 1922.


House Bill 1559 and Senate Bill 1922 

The proposed alimony legislation is a result of a multi-year collaborative effort between the leadership in both legislative chambers as well as Florida Family Fairness Inc. - an organization headed by volunteers who are also permanent alimony payors and have been working to change the anachronistic alimony laws in Florida during the past decade.  The primary benefits of the 2021 Bill are as follows (although there are many other positive changes):


  1. Provide for an end to permanent alimony in Florida (Florida is only one of only a handful of states still requiring permanent alimony);

  2. Limits durational alimony to 50% of the duration of the marriage;

  3. Creates a reasonable alimony formula, similar to the child support guidelines, that defines obligations and reduces costly litigation;

  4. Allows all alimony payors the right to retire and terminate alimony;

  5. Closes loopholes in the current laws that encourage gamesmanship and excessive litigation;

  6. Creates uniformity statewide to provide consistent outcomes.


Who can you help?




It is now time to contact both your Representative and your Senator in the Florida legislature and do the following:


1) Respectfully and courteously ask him/her to support alimony reform.

2) Briefly tell your story regarding how permanent alimony and/or the hyper-litigious divorce or modification process has impacted you and your family.  


To contact your Florida Representative and Senator, you can email him or her by going to the following websites.   You can also copy their legislative aide or book an appointment in person.


The feedback from constituents living in each legislator's district - so long as it is polite and respectful - is of critical importance to achieve the long overdue reform of Florida's outdated alimony laws in Florida.




We need your financial support to maintain our lobbying and PR efforts  during the critical next few months during which the legislative chambers are in session and voting on this critical legislation.   We are asking everyone to donate one month of alimony in order to fully fund this effort.  You can do so by sending a check to:


Florida Family Fairness, Inc.   

Attn:  Noreen Fenner

1103 Hays Street, Tallahassee, FL  32301 


Additionally, you can go to the following link on our website:


About Us

Not all marriages last, but that does not mean families should go to war and be destroyed in the process. At Florida Family Fairness, we support legislation that will bring families together, not tear them apart.  It is time that Florida changes its antiquated system and adopts fair alimony laws that create uniform and consistent standards for judgments across the state.  Clear guidelines will create uniformity and provide those facing divorce with a framework that will perpetuate settlements and avoid protracted and expensive litigation.


As a completely volunteer-run organization, we are building upon our 2020 effort to turn our excellent alimony-reform bill into law.  Your continued support is critical to our success.

Family at a Beach

It’s Time for Change


Florida is the largest of just six states that still has permanent alimony. Our permanent alimony laws require the payer to pay alimony until death or until the ex-spouse remarries.


Florida Family Fairness supports legislation that represents the modern family unit and encourages independence and self-sufficiency for both parties. We also support a system that doesn't reward protracted litigation and enrich the lawyers while depleting hard-earned family assets.


Divorce is difficult, but it is even more difficult when there are vague and archaic laws that benefit divorce attorneys, deplete hard-earned marital assets, and leave families as the victims. Our mission is to establish clear laws that will create predictability, uniformity and consistency statewide. It's time to eliminate permanent alimony, cap durational alimony at 50% of the length of the marriage and create an alimony formula that will provide clear guidelines. This will establish parameters, within which divorces can be easily settled. The law should foster adults to be self-sufficient and independent.  We further believe that the law should provide everyone an absolute right to retire and enjoy their golden years.

Change is past due, and it's time to modernize Florida's alimony laws.

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Donors like you will make our efforts successful during the 2021 legislative session. Please consider donating today by clicking the Donate button, or make check donations payable to: Florida Family Fairness, Inc. and mail to the address below:


1103 Hays Street

Tallahassee, FL 32301  



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Chairman - Marc Johnson


Prominent Attorney Marc Johnson is the chairman for Florida Family Fairness. He received his B.S. degree from the University of Florida and his Juris Doctor degree from Stetson University College of Law. In 2009, Mr. Johnson co-founded the law firm of Larson Johnson, P.L., a prestigious law firm based in Tampa, Florida.  He enjoys spending time with his children, and is actively involved in various recreational, social, and charitable clubs and organizations throughout the Tampa Bay area.  Marc is an alimony payor and is committed to changing Florida's antiquated laws that do more to tear families apart than to help them rebuild after a divorce.

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Vice Chair - Tanya Williams

Tanya Williams, DMD is the Vice Chair for Florida Family Fairness. She is a graduate of the University of Florida School of Dentistry. She served in the US Army Dental Corps as a Captain stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas where she served for two years, working closely with and training under the oral surgery residents. Following this, she returned to Florida to work for the Department of Corrections. She has obtained a mini-residency in Pediatric Dentistry and attends Dental Continuing Education courses.  Tanya has been a victim of Florida's alimony laws and is committed to fixing the laws that currently punish hard-working wage earners.


Treasurer - Michel Buhler 

International Business Expert Michel Buhler is the Treasurer for Florida Florida Family Fairness. Mr. Buhler received his bachelors degree from Cornell University and went on to earn his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. He currently serves as the Corporate Development Officer at Terra Towers Corporation.  Michel is dedicated to creating an alimony structure that is fiscally responsible, fair and sensible for families affected by divorce.

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Secretary - Alan Elkins 

Boca Raton Attorney Alan Elkins is the Secretary for Florida Family Fairness. He is a Florida Family Law attorney and is well known for his advocacy for Family Law Reform. Alan is a lifelong Floridian who graduated from the University of Florida and subsequently received his Law degree from Nova University Law school.  He is a partner at the law offices of Elkins & Freedman with offices in South Florida and the Orlando area.  Alan has a wealth of knowledge and experience in family law matters and is committed to updating section 61.08, Florida Statutes, to bring Florida's alimony laws into the 21st Century.

In The News


Alimony Back on Lawmakers' Agenda


The battle over alimony reform will resume during the 2020 Legislative Session, with both sides making big moves in preparation for the next round in the fight.

It’s no secret Florida Politics has criticized alimony reformers in the past for astringent and insensitive comments on social media.


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Write a letter to your local legislators and tell them why you support alimony reform. Click the links below to find your local legislators.


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Click here to read testimonials from permanent alimony payers in Florida. These real life stories are examples of the injustice that occurs as a result of permanent alimony.


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